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Good morning!!!

Dawna, you started my day off with a giggle. I figured I never know where I am so it must be Monday!!!! Glad you clarified it for the both of us!!!!! So happy to hear that Wanda has 95% of her speech back and is walking!!!! Praise God! Been remembering her in my prayers!!!

Maggie, how is Angela feeling today. Said a prayer for her.

Bon, what a most wonderful birthday celebration your family will enjoy today. It's gonna be so special and filled with love!!!! Happy Birthday Boo!

Anna, I recall the days of washing my floors on hands and knees. When I first got married ('72) I picked this lincoleum that had all this embossing, what was I thinking!!!!! Now if I ventured to get down on my hands and knees to do anything, I'd have to call 911 to get me up!!!!

I visited with Camille yesterday. She is progressing well....her voice is low but she is able to talk in phrases; she has her sense of humor and shows it with words and expressions; but I think what hit me the most yesterday was to see the love between my sister and her husband. I've always felt that they had the best marriage of anyone I knew...and after almost 50 years, it's stronger than ever. The way my BIL looks at her and she at him melts my heart! I know she will get through this!!!

May your day be filled with many blessings!

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