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Hi ladies. I see there is a lot to praise God for.
Happy birthday to Joe, Bon.
Martica, That was not the right job for Pedro. The right one is coming.
I had the most wonderful thing happen today. I was talking to my step son Matthew (we had his party yesterday) and I asked him if he enjoyed his birthday. He told me yes and with glee in his voice said "It was my BEST birthday ever!"
We had a house full yestday. The inflatable waterslide combo was a really big hit with all the kids. There was kids from 6 to 18 in that thing. At one point they all came in and changed clothes and next thing you know they are all in the thing again in those clothes and wet to the bone. Too funny. God blessed us with the perfect day. Some rain but the kids did not care because they were getting wet anyway. No thunder or lightening, warm but no harsh sun to burn them. Today is gloomy, windy and cool. I really feel blessed.

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