Username Post: Anyone watching the new show on ABC called "REVENGE"??
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Looks like we're off to a good start. Happy to see that it looks like there might be a chance for Jack and Emily again....unless she needs to get close to Daniel again to seek her revenge. I guess the coming baby could be someone elses and not Jacks. I wonder how long it'll take for Em's Mom to be found? I had to laugh when I saw Nolan in the boxing I was surprised to see Victoria and the white haired hinchman in cahoots too, but I reckon he's gonna hitch his wagon to the one looking to be the winner....or more likely he's playing one againt the other. I'd imagine it's just a matter of time before Conrad Grayson goes down. Looks like Daniel is not the snake his dad had hoped he seems like he's pining for Emily. I wonder if Lydia lived too?

I watched 666 Park Avenue after....(I had to look up what dreck I hadn't paid attention to the previews and didn't know it was a semi-scary one.....not a big fan of horror, even though it's rather mild. I'll give it one more week but I'll probably not stick with it.

Gonna watch a few other new ones too...Nashville & Vegas (I missed the first one of Vegas, so I'll have to get caught up on the computer)...and Steel Magnolia's on Queen Latifah. It looks like a movie since it's two hours, anyone know if it's a weekly series....hope so?

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