Username Post: Anyone watching the new show on ABC called "REVENGE"??
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the season premiere was really good!!! I knew Victoria wasn't dead - I was shocked to see the white haired guy there!. Felt really bad for Charlotte - not sure who is keeping her there - is it Conrad???

I'm curious to see what happens to Jack - at the beginning his boat is at the bottom of the ocean - and I assume that is the Fake Amanda's body they find.

I see that Ashley has pushed her way into the Grayson house and she has already tried to be a Diva - wait until she sees Victoria!!! LOL

I wonder what happened to Lydia???

Lots of questions that I need answers to and so many more that were asked!!!

I didn't watch the 666 show - I really didn't want to get hooked on another show.

Ok, I'm going to have to go back and watch that. I could have sworn it was the plane. Oh wait, the plane blew up on the runway didn't it?

I love this forum, helps me out with things I may have missed or took the wrong way.

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