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Good morning ladies! Sorry I didn't update, it was a busy weekend!
Randy did not get homecoming king, but, you know, it just didn't seem to matter to him! We haven't actually even talked about it, but I just don't think he really cares! The kid that did get it is a super kid, and involved in lots of activities, band, ffa, honor society, cross country and he's a 4.0. I think it was an upset, a lot of people were surprised, but the kid is a great kid, so it's all good! I think it may have mattered more to me than him, so if he doesn't care, I don't care! lol!

We had a great time on Friday hanging out with the kids while they decorated their float! Well, a few of the kids decorated, most of them posed for pictures, which, you know, I loved! i took about 300 pictures, had to come home and unload before the game. They played powderpuff football, Randy was a coach. Then the senior boys had to dress up for prom queen. Randy does not make a very pretty girl, especially with a mohawk! lol! And then the parade, which senior football moms rode on a truck. woohoo...
After school a bunch of the boys came to the house to chill out before the game.
Boys played a lot better, but still lost. It's been a tough season that way, but I am so proud of those boys because they play the whole game, they never give up even when they are down. They're attitudes are awesome! Randy had a really great game, he caused a fumble right off the start! he did not get any new injuries, still hurts from the others, but nothing new, thank goodness!
After the game we were all standing around the end zone, like we always do giving hugs to the players, and the other team's coach came out and caught one of our coaches and told him that someone broke into their locker room and stole almost everything, even their clothes! That was a horrible shock, though something we've been struggling with a little bit this year, on Thursday someone stole some stuff out of the locker room while the boys were practicing. So, anyways, they were able to track it all by an iphone that was stolen to the trunk of a car. We had a family transfer in from San Diego this year, and it was one of those boys, a freshman who is actually on the football team but is ineligible from grades. Everything about this is so disturbing, but, most of all, that he did it to the other team! The saddest part is that our school and kids welcomed this family with open arms, treated them wonderfully (as they should) and then this kid turns around and does this! He was even nominated for homecoming prince. So frustrating. In the end, they recovered all but $20.
After all of that, we did have about 90% of the team and a few others over for dinner. it was great to have them all here.

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