Username Post: Is this the norm? Ettiquite question!
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A cousin sent me a message asking if we were going to be able to attend my Aunt and Uncles 50th wedding Anniversary party in November. I asked what was the date she said the 17th I apologized and had to decline because November is a busy month well she then asked if I had her address to send my donation for the party. I was shocked she then proceeded to tell me that she was expecting at least 150 from Al and I then 130 from each of the kids. I didn't know how to reply kinda shocked that she expects a donation. I called my Mom to ask her if she was going so I could at least send a gift she said they weren't going either due to a wedding out of the town the weekend before. Since that coversation I got a call from the Caterer wanting my credit card information cause the cousin told her I was paying for the food I had to tell her that she was mistaken cause I wasn't paying for food. Well that let off a hail storm of emails now I am being bombarded with calls texts and emails calling me all sorts of names. How do you handle this?

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