Username Post: Anyone else do "big hair"?
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We were all reminiscing about our big 80s hair today at work.(class of 1991 rules!!) It was fun with everyone gesticulating about how wide/tall their hair used to be. A LOT of hairspray back in those days. It seemed like everyone had a good "big hair" story. I remember a guy we met in a club in the late 80s and said he could tell which brand hairspray we used just by smelling. Sounds pervy, but he got all 5 of us right. (3 of us were Aqua Net, no surprise there...). two of us knew of a girl whose hair caught on fire from all the hairspray. I remember everyone (teachers included) wanting to touch my hair. It was impressive because it wouldn't move, even in a tornado. Plus my bangs were about 6" high...
Man, those were fun times! Anyone else have a "big hair" story?

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