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Good morning ladies!

Congrats on the new grandbaby Mandy! What a cute and unusual name! And at that size, I'm sure mom is very happy she's here! Mine were small (weird, I now considering how big they are now)Randy 6lb8oz. Brandon 6lb15oz. So, are they in Texas? I have a hard time keeping track, sorry. When will you get to see them?

Congrats on the phone Pam!

Have a last set of soccer pictures to take today, it's very unorganized this year, which fits right in to my life at the moment! lol!
Not feeling really great this morning, a little bit of a cold and a little bit of a tummy something. Hope it passes fast!
Last nice day for awhile, the weather is supposed to change drastically. 76 today 45 tomorrow. Football Friday is a balmy 44 during the day, but since we play in the evening, I'm sure it will be in the 30's! YUCK!!! So not looking forward to that!

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