Username Post: Is this the norm? Ettiquite question!
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I would ignore the whole situation. It is totally out of control and you should not fret over any of the craziness. You are in the right.
Reminds me, today, the generator company was supposed to come to fix the mother board of the generator that was just put in and is still not paid for.. The boss calls at 2:30 to say the worker is leaving now to come to my place. OK. Good, Well, it is raining all day today. So, the owner of the company asks me if I have a big umbrella. I say, "yes" He says good and he wants to know if I (yes, ME) can go outside and hold the umbrella over the workman. I ask him if he is serious. He says yes. I told him NO I am not going to stand in the rain holding an umbrella over his worker and that he should send 2 men to do the job. They are now coming on Thursday if it is not raining. The NERVE!

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