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thanks to everyone for the comments yesterday, i talked with a friend when we got together for lunch. he was sad that he would not be able to attend the wedding because he can't go that far out...but he understood. while i know few are going to to be that understanding, some many even get their feeling hurt/mad (especially some relatives)...but i will just have to remind myself "it's my day...not theirs". i admit that it will be hard when the guilt trip comes in with the cries of...but you were a flower girl at my wedding!"..."i was there the day you were born"...etc, but like said above if they love and support me they will understand and come. later last night, i also had a talk with my fiance. he reminded me how my family can be, and how some can be dramatic and overreact (there's one in every family! lol), but he reminded me not to take it to heart. it will be hard, since i'm such a people-pleaser...but from here on out i will just remind myself it's my day thanks again for all your comments, i really started to second guess myself.

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