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I a mhoping for some advice.

I have been helping a very good friend of mine, She has been very overwhelmed since they got a foster daughter. iwas going to her house to watch the girl while she got out and ran errends and took her son places. She told me last spring, I would need to get my criminal clearences, in order to continue babysitting becouse the foster agency has strict rules. She paid for half of that. (total came to 56 dollars) I did that ,continued to watch her. My friend, over the summer offered me a paid position while she took gher son to karate classes. I took it "couse I am a bit desperate for cash. She often either didn't have the cash on her, or would cancel at the very last minute. I suggested Ijus twatch the gir lfor free, since paying seems to be a issue. She then offered me a raise, and gave me a little more the following week, becouse , Ihave been so understanding. She did continue to cancel, and pay only once in awhile. then I get a long involved E mail from her listing everything she expects from a sitter!! ( ihave only mentioned about getting pais one time) It included flexbility and pretty much said Just do what we say, we are going to take full advantage of you. (not what she said but thats how I interpreded it) I agreed to the email stuff. then one week later I got a e mail saying the yare going t ouse someone else now, and thanking God for all I have done for them including getting the clearences. It sounded very much to me like she was saying goodbye to being friends too. Should I tell her how this makes me feel, or just try to go on like everything is fine?

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