Username Post: Alert-Check your PayPal and Ebay account!!
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For those of you in here who use PayPal and Ebay to buy or sell, hurry up and check your accounts. I'm OCD when comes to my bank account and happen to check every single day, sometimes more than 3 times. Well, luckily I caught with the trolls on time or at least almost on time.

Back in July, I started to sell stuff on ebay and items were delivered and payment received as it should. Well, somehow somewhere they got a hold of both of my account and now they reissue those printing labels going to the same places in the US and underneath says: Russian Federation. Then, they use USPS Express International Mail and the amount charged for shipping are triple or 4 times the original amount (I don't ship international so that's how I find out). For example, I sold my cricut to a lady in South Carolina and the shipping paid was let's said for $20 dollars. Well, these f**ing hackers reissued the shipping label with her name/address and then underneath routed to Russia Federation and charged to my account $108.69. You can imagine the mess now!

But that doesn't stop there. They then went to my bank account and charged me through PayPal Instant Transfer different amount that are not even posted on my PayPal history of transactions. They made it looks so real, that you would think was really coming from PayPal in the meantime there is no record of it. PayPal has issued an investigation and I also changed my password on everything including my email, this site, banks account,iPhone, PayPal and eBay and also stop every transaction coming from PayPal indefinitely, I'll be stopping by the bank this afternoon to get a new card.

So, please check your account and change passwords if possible. PayPal told me they have been hit hard recently by these low life.

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