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  • Linnny Said:
Hi darlins!

Just got a call from my BIL. Another blessing...the feeding tube was removed from Camille and she can swallow pudding with no problem!!!! They are moving her to a 'step-down' room. It's between ICU and a regular room! I'm crying here. To think how close to death she was just 2 weeks ago and how far she has come...even the neurologist is amazed and considers her progress miraculous!!! Had to share this wonderful news with you all!

Maggie, I LOVE the page you created with Maddie behind the much detail and so much love in that gorgeous work of art!

Linny, that is fantastic news!!!! Praise God! The power of prayer. Kinda like Anna's commercial, one starts the prayer and everyone finishs. Then we get wonderful news!

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