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in the past 7+ years (around the time i actually started to pay attention to it), almost every invite i got to a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, etc had included registry info. during my first engagement back in 2004 (which thankfully ended before a wedding lol), i noticed all the books and articles said don't include registry info in an invite as it can be seen as tacky, and that word of mouth was more appropriate ONLY if someone asked. during my current engagement, i noticed the books say it's perfectly ok to include registry info. i wonder if it's the new norm myself?? a recent wedding i am attending for ANOTHER friend (lol, too many of us are getting married/having babies!) had her registries on her save the date card, shower invite, wedding invite, and wedding website. i was a bit surprised by that. another friend who recently married had no registry, but asked for money in place of gifts so they can go on a nice honeymoon...and had included that request on their invite. maybe times really are changing??

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