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  • Henri Jean Said:
I got a baby shower invitation once - it said it was a virtual shower. The mother would be on the computer and open gifts and then post what each gift was but there would be no physical shower. Then it gave the date and time the mother was opening the gifts so you could look at a board and see when yours was open. Included was the baby registry info. Needless to say, that one went into the trash. She lived a mile from me but wanted gifts but offered no cake or anything? She just wanted people to send gifts.

The tackiest wedding invitation was so bad, I kept it.

A note was written out by hand, photocopied and placed in my wedding invitation and I'm sure it was in everyone else's invitation too.

It read (almost verbatim but its been a while)...

Since the bride and groom have been living together and have already set up traditional housekkeeping we have no need for traditional wedding gifts.

These are items we would really appreciate:

Jordan almonds - 3 pounds (catalong name and page)
A silver cutting knife engraved with out names and the catalog info.
10 yards white lace - catalog info
30 white candles - size and catalog info
$150 donation to pay for limo for bride and groom
cost of hotel for couple that night
paper plates for reception - catalog info
donation for wedding cake
50 bottles of bubbles for reception - catalog info
bridal veil and where to get it and what model #
Party mints - 5 pounds and Harry & David catalog page

The list went on and on and on. They were asking for everything they needed to have the wedding!

This was just a little weird to me.

Both of those situations are a bit odd! Maybe I can see where the second people were coming from but they probably could have gone about it a different way!!

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