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I have a question which has been bugging me for 13 years since we got married!

We planned a Millennium wedding; 31st Dec 1999 at our local pub which happened to be a building of historic interest close to our hearts. It still is. We were paying for it ourselves, and money was tight so I was doing whatever I could do myself (flowers, dresses, decor, invitations/orders of service etc.).

However 7 months before, in the June, DH2b's Grandad and my Dad were both diagnosed with terminal cancer, my contract ended and DH was sent to work abroad. We decided to bring the wedding forwards to the end of July so that the invalids could come.

We had already booked the pub and reception for Dec 31st, and paid in full because it was the Millennium, so we had to keep that. We decided to have a small lunch after the church ceremony on the new date, but because I had lost my job, we had no money to pay for everyone. We had to tell people that they were all invited to the Millennium party reception, but that they would have to pay for their own meals. We just couldn't manage it, given the circumstances - we didn't even get a honeymoon until a year later. They seemed to understand. Nobody said anything bad.

But I've been reading everyone's opinions on here about tackiness, and cringing that people may have thought that what we did was tacky. We didn't have a registry or mention anything about gifts on the invitations, by the way!

Please, be honest with me. Do you think it was tacky?

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