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I am so ready for elections to be over....the phone calls drive me nuts and it gets tense around here as we do not talk about it (we are a house divided - which reminds me, I have a lawn flag that says that - need to get it out - LOL)

Busy G to school. Uploaded Association newsletter to printer, starbucks, manicure (love it), mammogram (not so much) ultrasound on leg (no clots - can we say I am getting older - ugh) picked up newsletters, subway, target for labels, postal annex for stamps, safeway for dinner....chilling for a few - then picking up G for a doc appt (flu mist and she has an infection on a finger that looks bad)

breathing in - breathing out -REALLY love the mani - it is a bold dark blue with the magnetic thing that makes little waves across the nails. Trying to take a pic where my hands don't look all wrinkly - when I figure that out, I will post a pic

getting cooler out there - still have the S word in the forcast - not that it will mean that much cause the ground is so warm....


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