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Hey girls! I'm not all caught up but I've been thinking about you guys a lot while my Internet wasn't hooked up. I just read Linny's post about Camille's nurse, what an airhead! That is such a critical unit, you can't afford to make mistakes like reading the wrong patient's chart there. I know we're human but double checking the chart with the patient's wrist band only takes a few seconds!

Elizabeth stay strong hun, sounds like you've got the right attitude and that is the hardest part about pretty much any problem! You'll kick these latest troubles right out of the park

Our move was an adventure. We were SO blessed to have my uncles pay for the move AND do a ton of hard work moving our stuff. I started to get sick the day before and was worse on Saturday last week when we started so I wasn't much help. By the end of the night I was on oxycontin/percocet for my stomach pain. We had to stop an hour away from here and stay overnight at my grandparents' so we could all rest and start fresh on Sunday. I was zero help then, I felt terrible not being able to do anything but my stomach just hurt so flippin' bad!

I don't like taking the oxycontin but it's the only pain med we have that stands a chance on helping my stomach. I don't have access to it directly, I have to get it through my parents and at most I go through 1 a day. I try a half first and that usually helps. Having been addicted to Vicodin the oxycontin worries me, but this pain is just too bad to deal with without something stronger than over the counter painkillers. I would go to the doctor but we're flat broke now. The visit would be just for pain management purposes anyway, can't afford all the tests they'd do without insurance.

For those of you not following my exploits on Facebook, I sprained my right ankle for the 5th time since I was 17 (I'm 25) on the stairs the other day. It's swollen and hurts mildly, nothing terrible, but it's keeping me from working on the basement so I can get my craft area set up and get to work on many thank you cards for family!

Happy world card making day everyone!

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