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Linny my sister suspects it's my gall bladder that is causing the pain. She told me to get a HIDA scan since even if I don't have gall stones my gall bladder could still be malfunctioning by not releasing enough bile salts. That doesn't show up on an ultrasound, guess that's why gall bladder problems take so long to detect sometimes.

My pain is triggered by food. I can't eat things that are hard on your stomach at all. Last night I forgot my Hershey bar had almonds in it and boy was I in pain! And that's only like 8 almonds! Meat is also harder on my stomach. If I don't eat my stomach is usually just fine.

I want to go to a hospital where they have to treat me regardless of payment ability instead of waiting for insurance but my mom doesn't want me racking up more bills for myself. I'll talk to her again today about it.

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