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Joy, as much as I hate to admit it I have boxes of stuff in there I bought back in February that I haven't touched It is driving me crazy not having the time and energy to go in there and at least get my room put together. I am really hoping that once I get these bedrooms straightened out the way I want them and this girl coming in once or twice a month to do the cleaning I won't feel so guilty about it and can have some fun. It will still be a while before I can actually make anything and play with all my new toys because that room is such a disaster.

I want to rearrange it first so my helper will come in handy for that. Lots of stuff will have to come out of it before I can move it around too. Just boxes and junk in I need to do some measuring and figure out how I am going to do it yet but I have some ideas if my tables will fit right. I want to put one table in the middle with my laptop and both my cutters on it, plus a printer in there somewhere, and then a couple of tables against the wall to work at too. I should be able to put the printer anywhere since it is wireless. I just have to figure out where and how to hook it I need a printer for the print and cut on the Cameo, to print pictures etc... Plus I have a small HP picture printer too. It only does one size and it's small so it will fit somewhere. I also decided I am going to get some more Ott lights that mount under my shelves once I figure out where my tables are going to be for sure and what I will need.

I am thinking I am going to do like last time and set the room up on graph paper and make my furniture to size also and play with it. I like it the way it is now but I have no wall space behind my tables and everything falls off the other side. Plus it was too crowded . I am thinking I might give my GD the white desk I painted if I can't figure out how to fit it in. I have another big table that matches one I have in there now plus I have another craft table too that I might use. I am afraid with all this paper I just bought I may need more storage for it too. Luckily I have 2 or 3 of those sets of drawers empty so it just may fit if I put the stacks in the jetmax. Keep your fingers I want to go out there so bad and start it but for now I guess I will go wash my

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