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Heather this is going to be very Pollyanna but I've been where you are at and sometimes we need to be reminded of the beauty so here goes:

The PT is giving you additional strength you need for the surgery so it could be that the chair incident was needed in order to build your strenth for your near surgery.

You're 13 year old daughter is a teen ager with all the teen age angst PLUS adult angst that we have as well being allowed to make the choice to see you or not. When the time comes for you to both rejoin it will be even a greater relationship because the time apart will make you value each other even more. She is safe and alive and as long as those things are there it is a place of hope.

Thank our wonderful Lord that he placed a new friend in your life. Imagine how wonderful that is that He knew you were going to need someone and put them right there for you. Praise God even more that you live in a country that has such fine medical care that the surgery is even available. We could be any so many worse places.

How wonderful that you have a landlord that is flexible - I've never had a landlord like that and didn't know they existed so you have lifted me up with that information. The fact that the potential for donations are even there is such a great opportunity.

My prayers are with you.
OK finished praising

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