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Hi all you wonderful Ladies, I hope you are having a great holiday Monday today. Supper was wonderful, I love having a house full and cooking for everyone. People started arriving at 4pm and we ate by 5pm, I did not make the deserts this year one of my friends did so we had 2 Apple crumbles and 2 pumkin pies. I had planned on make turkey pot pies with the left overs but there is only turkey left LOL. The best part of the evening was visiting and talking, majority of our friends didnt leave until 11pm last night.
Next big event for me will be New Years as we started a new traditions last year. We do a Murder Mystery Party. Last years theme was a Hawii loau, this year is set in the 40s, Italian eatery with the mob! Christmas will be at the in-laws this year so I wont be doing any cooking just helping out.

Its a perfect day here as it is cool and rainy so I dont mind doing all the clean up and laundry. Off now to play some World of Warcraft, supper in a couple of hours then crafting this even.

I continue to include all who needs prayers in the lives daily. May we all remember to be grateful for the little things. God Bless and may you feel the Comforter in your lives.

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