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Good morning ladies,

Come on in, the java is brewing! Woke up to a earthquake this morning! No worries, it was a puny one.

Bren...My daughter should be here around 7:30 for her routine, then I go across the street to my trainers house at 10:30 to do my routine. I went shopping for the rest of my gym equipment last week and thought my trainer was going to burst with pride! He is so excited that I'm all fired up and training my family now. I'm not so sure about the "all fired up" part but I'm learning to be a good coach and that's important to me. I don't want anyone injured on my watch!!!

Lorna...I think it would be very nice if you included something pretty with your latest strange creation. I'm surely never going to think about gossip in the same way again!!!

Anna...I know your not quite yourself lately, how are you feeling today? sorry your back is still giving you fits. I can only imagine how painful back problems are. Take good care of yourself.

Martica...Where are you? I know your one busy lady, but it's about time to check in with us again. Is everything okay with you? It was so nice to chat with you last week.

Got to get for now...bbl

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