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Mickey, did you get sleep last night??

I really am making DH deal with a lot of it. I did it for years so now his turn. It is what she wants anyway, her own son to help her. I have been just remembering Oz's post about yesterdays junk.

Showered now for makeup and out for a while. I need to go get red paint samples.

The rug I loved the feel of was taken back as DH hated it and it was a solid red so I wanted to try one with creams and browns mixed in with the reds. I think this one works good. It is not the red red I wanted but it will work great since it has a mix of reds. Picked up the shutters which DH does not think he is going to like but that is to bad as I have decided that is what I am doing.
I have no idea why he has so much sayabout decor. This retirement stuff takes some getting use to but I am happy with what we have so far. The big entertainment unit we use to have is upstairs in a bedroom (Megan can weigh in on that). It is a totally different look and makes the fireplace look better.

The fireplace is another story. DH and DF designed it and I had no say. It was to be a surprise for me so I did not get any knowledge before hand and had to leave the house while it was being done. Yea, I guess it was a surprise and would look great in a cabin. I do not nor ever care to live in a cabin. LOL

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