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Sorry for not getting back been having trouble getting info from my parents they tend to keep me in the dark cause I live so faraway. Monday if things go according to plan he will be going to rehab for 6 weeks. They say they will have him up and walking on a prosthetic by then. As of right now he isn't getting any therapy for his mental state...I would think that would start the day after surgery. Last night when I talked to my parents they are talking about him sleeping in the living room. (my brother is 50 and has never left home.) Because of his size and weight in order for him to get into his room they will have to widen doors. My mom I think is still in a little denial on the idea that they will have to get a lot of work done before he can even come home. Please keep praying he has (and my parents)have a long long road ahead of them. My plans now are to be there to help when they get him home which if things go as they plan will be shortly before or shortly after Christmas.
Please forgive me for how I ramble on. I sometimes tend to bounce from one thing to another. Thank you all for your prayers.

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