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Good Morning! 2 days in a row

Todd brought up a good point, as we have smokers on all sides of our apt and they are required to smoke outside, so it's horrible for us when we walk outside...what if it was pot and we were on our way to a drug way to hold our breath all the way to the car and if they are all smoking then we walk from our front door to our car in 2nd hand smoke...crazy!

Amy...good luck on shopping! I never coordinate our clothes.

Debbieb...welcome back (what did we miss!)

Karen...great finance rate! I can't wait to have a house so I could have some torn up rooms getting better are you feeling? I'm glad you had insurance to cover idiots.

Lynn...There are days when I'm a pinterest junkie

Pam...thanks for sharing G with us...she makes me smile!

I'm feeling a bit better, and yet some worse today...first day of antibiotics is always weird. Todd has a Dr. apt for a shoulder pain and then we are just going to have a lazy day. I may pack up all our books...they aren't "needed" but still really hard to pack up. I can't wait until I can just pack everything. I'm so ready! He had a good interview and is now waiting for the 2nd we are still praying and waiting have a blessed day!

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