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I have finally been able to sit now with computer and internet. The last 3 days have been really busy. Left our home in Mississippi on Wed morn and 2am and arrived here in Fort Wayne at about 6pm. Yesterday was spent with my brother in hospital. They finally got the infection under controll and he looks so good. and his spirits seem so up. We have been spending the day today fighting with the insurance company. It is time for him to be moved from Hospital to rehab. The insurance is dragging their feet and won't give approval. In one letter my parents received it says that he is not approved for the surgery. It is so confusing. In the mean time the stress is really getting to my mom. She has a pass maker and it is now acting up. She just had it replaced last year. They are running some test to what the issue is. I feel so much better being here and being able to help my parents where I can and let them get some rest. Will try to keep you up to date and thank you all so much for your prayers.

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