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Things are not going to well here for my brother. He gets over one hurdle to find another. They can't find a bed long enough for him in the rehab and he wakes up numb on one side because the bed leans to one side. We here the rehab part of this facility is the best in town but because of his insurance he has to stay in the nursing home part and wheeled over daily to rehab. My parents aren't helping matter much I don't know how many times my mother has froze us out and ignored what we say. We keep telling her things like if you treat him like an invalid that is what he will become. The therapist says one thing and my mother hears something totally different. We all heard 6 to 8 weeks minimum but my mom heard 6 months. I am so afraid when we leave on Friday everything that was accomplished will go out the window so to speak. They look like they will have a long long way to go.
On a different note, part of the shower door that started this all was still hanging when we got here so my husband and I removed the rest. After we got it out I took a hammer to it and hit it at least 20 or 30 times and could not break it so we put it in the garbage in hope the garbage men would pick it up. Just watched now as I write this they picked it up and in the process the glass shattered all in my parents drive way and as I watched them drive away with the bag hanging out of their they are trailing glass down the street. Going out now to start cleaning it up. Thank you all your prayers both silent and spoken.

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