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Hey ladies, just stopping by to say hello. Kind of lost my mojo, been so busy with these cats...once I adjust to them it won't be a thing, but it's time-consuming getting used to them and them me!

Dyed my hair last disaster. I looked like, as my brother put it, "Ronald McDonald's sister." And I DID! It was terrible! So at 2:30 am I went to Walmart to hide my shame and got some dark brown dye and my mom fixed my hideous Ronald McDonald hair. It looks pretty cool though, it has a raspberry tint to it and you can still see some of what looks pink throughout my hair. I like it If it wasn't so embarrassing I'd show you all a picture of what I looked like!

Still on the job hunt. My mom's unemployment runs out end of this month so prayers for me, my brother, and/or my mom to get a job are so very needed. I have faith God will take care of us! I just tattooed the word "faith" on my wrist on Thursday for my birthday (belated) and it's helping me already to remember to keep the faith about who is in control in this messy life!

Much love girls

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