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Well my 8yr old step son and my 18 yr old step daughter and I started decorating the house for Christmas. I have my Santa Claus' everywhere. I got them to assist me in making a garland for our stairs. We do not have the long rails so it hangs off and to the floor. I will post photos tomorrow. I bought all the stuff last year to make it and didn't since we were packing. DH and I put up shelves on the wall in my scrap room over my work table. Now I have a great shelf to display my treasures that I have received in swaps and one to put some supplies on. I hung my grading rack too. I am really getting things looking better. I am very excited. I so love playing in my room. DH told me that I have a lot of [email protected] I told him that it is all much needed supplies and that I just need more organizing area of which the shelves did. He really has not got a clue how much money is invested in my goodies. Just ate a wonderful dinner. DH made steak and potatoes on the grill. I made a salad. Ashley helped clean the kitchen. I must say that it has been a very nice weekend. Time to go get ready for bed and another work week. God Bless each of you and sweet dreams.

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