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I plan on NO decorating this year--except for the little tree I use for craft shows & it will only have ornaments from the Nutcracker Sweet swap. I just don't see the point of getting everything out & no one will see it or enjoy it! The only thing about it, I usually "deep-clean" when I decorate--but, oh well, this to shall pass!

I'm having sales withdrawal!! No sales since Thurs. I had a craft show on Thurs & sold 1 item! I had planned on having all those advent calendars to sell, & then only had 3 small ones (of which, I sold 1 & sold 1 other on-line during). The only good thing was I didn't have to pay a table fee and I got to see alot of old friends. Had a "[email protected]" location, kind of stuck in a little hallway bump-out & not very visible. The display across from me was some anti-wrinkle cream that sold for $90 for a bottle that would last 1 month--R U Kidding ME?!!
And she seemed to do really well--go figure!

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