Username Post: What do you think about orbs in photos?
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Will post in a little while for you.

Just strange they have only shown up in mine where people have died or places said to be haunted. I didn't believe it at all when we did the haunted tour of Key West so I didn't keep them, thinking they were just ruined. Then when the "orbs" showed up in other picture and coincidently places said to be haunted just got me thinking.

Peg don't know what your's could be then. I took it to be an indoor photo with green carpet. Lord, need my eyes checked! I thought it was a wood-paneled inside wall.

As a realtor who used to show and sell a lot of houses on a few occasions I went into houses with buyers and turned around and walked right back out again. SOmething made the hair on the back of my neck stand up - I really felt a presence that wasn't friendly.

Talking to other realtors many of us have had this same feelings. All of us (8 or 10 of us) were sitting around talking and all of us had experienced it.

One woman, a friend I know to be completely sane experienced it 3 times and got away from the houses. Later she did research through micro fishe to check out old newspaper stories and found all 3 houses. ONe was a murder, one was a murder-suicide and the third was a house that was used for satanic worship an rituals as a church but had been closed down.

One of my friends bought a house and was doing a lot of remodeling on it at night to sell it again. He had his sawhorse and tools set up in the basement. One night he was there and heard someone call him name - a male whispering-type voice. He looked and couldn't find anyone but the tone and the fact he knew he was the only one in the house scared him and he got out.

Later he did a little digging around and found it the place of 3 violent deaths - a murder, a suicide and someone was hanged in the tree right outside the window of the above-ground basement.

So I don't know what is out there but I will quickly say there are things I do not understand. Too many unexplained things have happened and they are not all by crackpots. I just don't know if it is ghosts or energy or what it is, but I do belive something is going on. It may be perfectly well explained by science but to this point scientists seem as confused as I am.

The "orbs" are just curious to me. Don't know what to make of them.

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