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Okay - here are photos. In the first one you can see one major orb or something in the right side about half-way up. They know a lot of people died down here in early Seattle. There are also a few more in the same area but not as clear. They are somewhat transparent as you can see through them. At first I did not notice them but when I printed the picture it was too dark so I lightened a bit and then they were very noticeable. I look at the darker photos and I could see them, just didn't jump out at me as much as they did when I lightened the photo.

Orbs 1 By Henri Jean

Old silver mind - big one in the lower right corner and if you can see the two tracks for the mining cart one is a little ways from the bottom in the center of the tracks and one is a little higher on the photo on the right side of the tracks.

Smaller ones are floating around further back.

Orbs 2 By Henri Jean

One large one above the group of people's heads slightly to the almost directly above the head of the girl in pink.

Orbs 3 By Henri Jean

In this one there is a row of lights strung from one side to the other with something above the row of lights. This is a really large one and like the others, you can see through it like it is somewhat transparent.

Orbs 4 By Henri Jean

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