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Stacey, does your son usually have cash? if not I think he'd like it. Maybe make a day of it spending it.

I read in a magazine thought it was a good idea instead of giving toys they's give their kids experiences they'd give them 3 choices to pick from like spend the day in New York City, take guitar lessons, and eat at a fancy resturant. I thought that was a good idea.

Zandra, a real bow and arrow? I bought my kids a play one well they got more hurt with it than arrows flying. I think they were holding too close to their face. Be careful, and be careful you might become the target! lol.

I got my Christmas cards made and I addressed all the envelopes last night and was going to put the pictures in and they don't fit in the envelope. So it's either go back to the store to complain their envelopes don't fit the cards or trim off the bottoms. I think I'll be trimming.

I think we have sooo much to do and are rushing around it's hard to get in the spirit.

Now, I have to go find out what happended to my maid! She seemed to left town or something. Also, where did my cook go? I think they left town together. lol. Oh well, I guess I gotta do all their work - ugh the nerve of them. lol....

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