Username Post: What do you think about orbs in photos?
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I am a total believer that many orbs are someone from the other side making contact. I have had a number of relatives die since 2000, some were very close to me, but I have never had any orbs in any photos that I am aware of. I do take tons of photos and do not always print them out immediately. I believe in ghosts as well as other supernatural things. There can be more than one right answer to many questions in life
Cool pic of George! Did you ever investigate who he was?
I'm gonna have to come back and see your pics Henri, I always love a good story with pic!

A friend of mine who is very gifted said that the building we used to live in was built upon a ley line which is essentially haunted grounds. She said George used to live there in the 1800's with a lady called Miss T. George took a liking to Ashlee and she always talked about him and how he loved to come and watch her play. He never really bothered until the one day I took her to walmart and she kept saying George wants to go home and I said when we are done we will leave. Well at that point she was pushed and almost fell down the escalator if not for a older man who caught her she may have been seriously hurt. I left the cart and took her home when we got home she said George was sorry but he wanted to come home and watch tv with her. I will look for the picture I have of her sitting on the Couch and right next to her you can see the outline of someone sitting right by her.

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