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Michelle i wish they made a mother-in-law hearing aid but instead of helping you hear it allows you to turn her out. she is i assume one unhappy woman and wants to make everyone around her feel that way. YUCK. I'm so glad the neighbors help cause the boys are what is really important when it comes to xmas.

Amy it sounds like you had an amazing start to xmas I hope the rest was as magical.

Shatema my husband at least keeps Dallas and this separation has forced him to step up to be a dad. I just wonder when all the paper work is signed and he gets his 50/50 custody with no child support will it be the same. If his past is any indication he'll be out of Dallas's life faster than you can count to two. Kids need their dads and that breaks my heart.

My family did x-mas all day Sunday and it was one of the greatest x-mas's ever. We really had an enjoyable drama and stress-free day. And cause the boys were with their dad's I made the most out of my xmas eve and xmas spending it with friends. It was so beyond amazing.While i would have loved having the boys I didn't let that damper my time.

I sure everyone enjoyed their xmas and the remainder of the holiday season. What's everyone got planned for New Years Eve and New Years.

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