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Hi ladies. Merry Christmas to you all. I'm glad you had nice days. I did as well -- the usual gigantic fish dinner at my mom's house with a million people. That's always fun but exhausting. I hosted Christmas Day at my house, and that was a much smaller crowd, but still exhausting.

Michelle, I took all my decorations down today --including my tree! I was just tired of looking at it all -- not that it was up that long. I just had the energy to do it today. I usually do it on New Year's, but I couldn't wait. I do still have the outside lights/candles up. They will stay for another week or so.

Amy, double time sounds like a nice deal. I'd work for that cash too!

Stacey, my wish for you is a stress-free, peaceful, prosperous 2013 without all the drama you've endured over the past few years. It appears that you're doing well in finding "you" and what's best for you and your family and your well being. You go girl!

I agree that children need their fathers in their lives, but only if they can contribute positively and have a positive influence on them and help to nurture them. How's that saying go: "anyone can father a child, but it takes someone special to BE a father." Peace and hugs to you dear friend!

We don't usually do anything for New Year's Eve. The girls are always out and dh and I just stay home. He falls asleep and I drink champagne. LOL!

Snow storm heading our way. Michelle, what's your forecast? We're "in between" and they won't quite commit to it's severity. As of now, we're in the "2 - 5" area.

Gotta go get dinner ready -- which today entails dialing up for delivery!

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