Username Post: Just heard that both All My Children and One Life to Live are coming back
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I always watched all my children and One Life to Live - both when they first came on the air. However, later in life I worked full time and quit watching them.

The last time I tried to watch on it made no sense to me at all.

However, if they start again I may try to watch it online. I loved all the Vicki/Nicki Smith stuff and all the fun with Erica.

But before Hulu or a way to tape it every day )before VCRs) and I had to work every day I just fell out of the loop.

Agnes Nixon was great at writing soaps!

Are the characters that played Phoebe Tyler and Mona Cain (Erica's mother) and Charles Tyler - the really old timers - are they still around.

I know the one who played Dorian Lord is still around (or was a while back, I saw her in something).

Tina Lord is now on the show with Regis and everytime I see her I think of her days on One Life to Live. Kelly Rippa - was drawing a blank on her name.

Of course I've been around so long I still remember Richard Simmons and Demi Moore on General Hospital where they both got their starts and when Elizabeth Taylor was in a guest position on a thread they did once. Also Rick Sprinfield as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.

And I think I remember Tommy Lee Jones on One Life to Live.

And I loved Richard Dean Anderson on General Hospital but he was great as McGyver too!

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