Username Post: ok ladys, HOW do you do it??
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I am into scrapbooking for about half a year now, and totally addicted. I look everywhere , have to learn how everything works in scrapbookingland.I just dont understand how a lot of the good scrapbookers manage to be the perfect mum , with the perfect children, visit every blog and have a super blog of them selve with challenges and the newest things, being on design teams, making the most gorgeous pictures and stunning layouts, about 5 to 10 a month.Looking good, with perfect nails without ink on it.Super decorated houses with organised scrapspaces. Just tell me HOW DO YOU DO IT??

I once knew a woman who was a regular cropper at my LSS. She fit this description. She was quite the *ahem*, witch. I have always wondered how she did it all, but looks can be very deceiving. I'm sure a lot of it, in her case, was just for "show." I wonder if she was even happy at all.

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