Username Post: ok ladys, HOW do you do it??
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My first thoughts are
- they get help (example: hubby helped build that scrap room)
- they are super organized, focused, and have streamlined the process
- they make quick decisions (example: they don’t fret over finding the perfect stamp, etc.)
- they live with what they got and “make it work”. No running out to multiple stores looking for a certain paper, ribbon, marker. They use what they have printed out and live with it. no “re-dos” for them!
- they stick by their decision! no “re-dos” for them!
- they buy in multiples and buy extras. They never run out of anything. They get photos printed in LARGE batches by someone else.
- they have a LARGE $$$ budget. So in addition to having lots of supplies they can attend crops, classes, etc.
- they have learned how to “knock projects out”; quick decisions, whenever possible coupling like activities (example doing ALL of the inking at the same time), etc. No "mulling things over" for hours or days.
- they can adapt someone else’s creative ideas with just enough of a twist to make it their own
- they have developed good scrapbooking habits. Examples: they can eyeball cutting a mat the first time. They can quickly apply glue accurately

- THEY CAN LET IT GO! Do it and it's done. The rest of us fret, re-do, reposition, try another color, print out another size photo, research titles, write journaling over & over & over, stamp & stamp until it is perfect.

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