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Oz, when I said "That will be fine" He was a little confused but told the security guard all was resolved. MIL tried to call one in to explain but he said NO real firm to her. Anyway he figured it out. While he was explaining what needed to be done, in the middle of it, he got called to next door. He said I will be right back...well what ever happened there IDK. But he did not come back...we waited and then figured out since the guard stayed there that Dr. had figured out he had the wrong room...LOL. He is the kind of Dr. who thinks he walks on water,but he was getting things done and MIL had decided that "she did not have a choice" so I really did not want to undo that!!! It was a first for her. No she is not going to stay there. I am postive about that. But they will give her PT and maybe she will be able to get around by herself when she comes home.

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