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Good Morning Girlies!! Not so good here. We are missing a kitty. I fell asleep in the recliner and apparently when I woke up at 2 am I just went to bed. I didn't turn the swamper off or lock the back door which is unusual. It wasn't latched so both of them got out during the night Thursday night/Friday morning. I commented to Damien when I got up Friday morning that it was odd because they are both usually waiting for me outside my bedroom door. Then I went in the kitchen to shut off the swamper and I saw the door was open. Coco was waiting right outside there to come in, she's a scaredy cat, but we haven't seen any sign of Jade since. Damien has been all over the neighborhood and I have been checking the humane society's webpage but nothing so far. I think either something got her or someone has her in their house. She is obviously well taken care of, she is kind of a fat kitty. We have a lot of wildlife around here, (fox, skunk etc...) so I am hoping for the best. Poor Coco is kind of freaking out without her. She has been really clingy and wanting a lot of attention, which isn't like her at all. She is a feed me and leave me alone kind of cat.

Other than that I am just doing some cleaning. I made a big spaghetti dinner yesterday, with salad and garlic bread and then got lazy so now I am working on cleaning the kitchen. I have all the dishes done but now am tearing the outside grill apart and cleaning it all up. I hate dealing with all that greasy stuff but it needs done. Going to wipe down tables and in general clean up the patio today. And I STILL don't have this darned table in my living room down. I had it almost all cleaned off and then I started piling ******** on it from my kitchen table monster I am going to get this boy to help me and get it down today if it kills

Not a lot going on here right now. I need to run some clean dishwater and finish up this grill. Hmmmmmm, I just thought about it and I think I am going to throw all these grill parts in the dishwasher instead of hand washing them. It just occurred to me that they will fit since it is 3 parts unlike my old one that was just one big grate. Yep, sounds like a plan to me. I have some other stuff to throw in there too so might as well make it a full load. Ok, I am out of here for a bit. You all have a great SATURDAY and I will TTYL.

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