Username Post: Brats Corner Latte Shop-Remodeled
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Coffee Shop Sign (Full View) By Lorna Lee

For our little group but new faces are always welcome.

It would seem that our coffee shop has grown to such a degree that we had to remodel and expand and that's just what we've done. The shop next door became vacant so we all chipped in and bought them out. We now have room for Karaoke, extra seating, a quiet reading area with bookshelves, and a larger glass shelf for our bakery goods. A woman needs her sweets. We also have a special room in the back for those that wish to scrap while socializing. Nice large tables with outlets for your plug in's and plenty of drawer space for your goodies. So grab your scissors ladies and let's cut down the ribbon blocking our door and head on inside. I'm ready to break in the new shop.

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