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Just popping in, Shatema 4 already!?! It seems like yesterday she was just a little thing.

I have a few orders to work on this week including scrabble art seems to e really popular here at the minute.

My mum & little sister just came to stay for a week so it was a week long sleepover lol we had lots of fun shopping trips, funfair, beach etc... with the kids. DH has left for a long trip until Christmas his first stop is Sicily. One of these days I will get to travel.

My favourite store is having a sale, I got 55 items for £26 including the delivery. Most of it was Christmas papers, but I did get a few embellishments & some American craft ink pads too.

Teddy is growing too quick he is just starting to walk a few steps here a few there I can see his confidence growing by the day.

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