Username Post: Looking for a Dora Mega Bloks set....maybe you have one?
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Just putting this out there...I saw a specific Dora Mega Bloks set on the Big Lots website, but it is only sold in stores and I can't seem to find that particular set in the store (it shares a SKU number with other sets so it is hard to locate by SKU!...found that out the hard way when a store held "one" for me and it was the wrong one!). Anyway, apparently this is maybe a retired set because they are expensive on other sites.... Raelyn is getting a regular mega bloks set and this would be a great little set to go with it.

If you have the Dora Family Nursery set sitting around collecting dust, could I have it (or even pay a least cover postage)? Here is what it looks like! (I would take other sets, but really interested in this one)

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