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Well, if you're going to get technical like that, then it would be L'O's. In the Associated Press Stylebook, it says that LOs would not get an apostrophe. Like DVDs... no apostrophe. I think when it says "abbreviations," that means you use an apostrophe for words like "gov't or add'l." I guess one could argue what "LO" really is...

For example, "lb" is the abbreviation for "pounds," but we do not say "2 lb's," we say "2 lbs." It would say "plural abbreviations" like it did for "plural nouns" if that was the case so I'm still following the AP's rule of no apostrophe for "LOs."

Note: The Associated Press Stylebook also says that numbers do NOT get apostrophes: "1900s" and neither do letters: "Two Ds"

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