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  • Bellanca Said:
Along the lines of Jesus being multi-dimensional (and wow, don't get to start a sentence like that too often...) I once heard a theory that ghosts were actual largely from a parallel universe that was just sort of behind us in time - the person giving this possible theory thought it would go far into explaining why so many ghosts are reported to wear clothing from a relatively similar time period.

I know the Dr.s get replaced over the years, but nearly every season? I don't like investing my energy into really liking a character to find out that she'll be replaced next year by the next girl. I was furious when they replaced the first Doctor with that skinny little guy - it has taken me til now to fully appreciate him.

That may have been my post about ghosts. I do believe the soul goes through space/time to the White Throne Judgement. So I can't accept that they're haunting anywhere. That's just the way my brain works things out.

So if it's a time displacement, it would explain why people would see the ghosts perform the same acts over and over, like walking up the stairs and disappearing. Frankly, I'd find that very boring as a ghost. But if it was a "repeating event" that would make much more sense.

For those encounters where there's true interactions, then those could be where the veil is thinner and those people think they're seeing a ghost or demon or spirit and either runs or fights.

I made a crack about telling "ghosts" from the past to "buy Microsoft" and to ask any futuristic ghost on what to buy.

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