Username Post: Teach a Friend to Scrapbook CONTEST and DRAWING!
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"I am so bored," she said, "I told my husband let's just go home." We were all spending the winter in south Texas and were becoming good friends with this couple from Pennsylvania.
So I said let me show you what I do before I get bored. We made paper bag albums, went to the scrapbook store , and learned about photos, embellishments, and af/lf. Then we learned about wire words, fonts, and journaling. Adhesives and patterned paper came next, and just before time to go home, her granddaughter had a birthday. Surprise!!!
And by the end of summer, she sent me a personal pba, used everything I had shown her, and included photos of us as well. The last page was a thank you note from she and her husband. He said I had saved their winter vacation!

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