Username Post: Teach a Friend to Scrapbook CONTEST and DRAWING!
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My best friend/apartment manager is coming up on her one year wedding anniversary and throughout the year her husband has been nagging about their wedding pictures needing to go into a photo album. I began talking to her about scrapbooking. It was my plan to make them a wedding album for the anniversary but instead decided to convince her to make an album for him doing one up on the photo album. I pulled out an album of mine, gave her an idea of what I was talking about. She thought that would be a GREAT idea and JUST the perfect gift. Sooooo.... I figured I had probably dig more of my scrapbooking supplies out of their storage (I have just recently started back into scrapping after moving 3 times).

Being that she is my apartment manager she saw me dragging the CIS XXL and 2 Costco bags full of stuff up to my apartment and she asked what all of this stuff was. I told her all of my scrapbooking supplies (lol, I lied, there is FAR more still packed up but didn't want her to think I was a crazy lady). She said "I need all of THIS to make a book?!?!" I started laughing - said no this is the syndrome in which we all get... accumulation

I gave her some instructions: pick some pictures that you would like to capture memories with - the ones that you feel tell the story the best, at the store she picked out some pattern paper, stickers, cardstock and other embellishments. When we sat down, showed her a bit of what and how to do.. and off she went.

She has been at my apartment on a weekly basis working on this book. She is 20 pages into it and a little over half way through. She has progressed into quite the little scrapbooker. Now she is talking about where she can set up a desk and work on future projects in her apartment.

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