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I'm looking for Super Mom. That's any working mother out there that loves scrapbooking and her family. I'm starting this thread as a way to help encourage one another and to hone in our super hero skills. I'm looking for partners to share their trials, successes, time-management, budget-management and most of all scrapbooking skills. This is a place for Mom's who wish the day was just an hour longer, stress was a bit shorter, and life was much simpler.

Topics shared here include:
1. How to pee alone- can’t happen
2. How to potty train –outside on a tree works
3. How to add more hours in your day for scrapping-skip the house work (or only do what you see) & send the kids out with family & many more suggestions
4. How to share a child with a jerk of an ex- grit your teeth and hate each moment
5. To work or not to work at a crummy job
6. The debate: love or hate the in-laws
7. What crazy sports do you enjoy? We have lovers of bowling to roller derby and even a lady that loves to get on the drag strip

FEEL FREE TO COME JOIN OUR TEAM...just drop in say hi and introduce yourself.

Here's our recipe exchange: The Super Mom Cookbook

Here's our birthday kits swap:
Super Mom Birthday Kits
Super Mom Secret Santa Exchange

Amy - anything for a 4x6

Becky- These are all 4 x 6 but feel free to crop them. Trevor opening presents on Christmas morning.

super mom pic 1 By Becky Scraps

super mom pic 2 By Becky Scraps

super mom pic 3 By Becky Scraps

Mandy - 4x6 - DS (and DD in background) fishing while on a hunting trip with the family

xmas By Zrock

Ginny Adeline 3 months old in 4x6
Adeline By 2girls2dogs

Allison- Santa picks the size

Secret Santa Photo By XAlysonex

2009 Secret Santa exchanged stored on page 395

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